IDI Talk Series is a venue designed to cultivate friendship, celebrate diversity, strengthen civic dialogue and society and deepen inter-cultural awareness and understanding among the many diverse ethnic and civil communities across Canada.

The talk series is held every month in different cities across Canada. The talk series and seminars aim to improve the knowledge and awareness of various issues in our lives. Guest speakers from different backgrounds and faiths share their valuable ideas and knowledge with us.  The speakers at these series include prominent government, corporate and media officials, opinion-makers, academics, diplomats, clergy and other civic leaders who share their viewpoints, perceptions and experiences on timely and important issues facing our local communities and our world.

Sample topics include:

• Sharing the Faith of Abraham
• Interfaith Dialogue Encouraged
• Dialogue with the people of the Book
• Common Grounds between Christianity and Islam
• Mary, Mother of Jesus

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[accordion title=”‘Living in Peace’ Exhibition”]

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[accordion title=”MP Brent Rathgeber’s Seminar on Immigration”]

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