Iftar and Friendship Dinner 2018

The Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton and Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI) Edmonton cordially invite you to Iftar and Friendship Dinner.

The event will take place at the Providence Renewal Centre Auditorium (3005 119 Street, Edmonton, see the map below for access) on the evening of Friday, May 25 from 8:15-10:45 PM.

The purpose of this activity is to encourage a spirit of friendship and understanding between Christian and Muslim communities in the context of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The program will include a panel on spritual exercise (Fasting, Charity, Lent and Ramadan) in Christianity and Islam delivered by invited speakers. We hope to have some discussion after the panel, to pray each in our own way, and then to break the Muslim fast with the sunset and enjoy the meal together.

We would be honoured to have your presence and that of your families with us that evening. There is no charge for attending and your presence there would help to authenticate the Christian-Muslim connection that we will be highlighting.

To register please visit: friendshipdinner2018.eventbrite.ca


Community Fast Breaking Dinner- Sunday, July 6, 2014

IDI Edmonton in collaboration with the Turkish community, recently hosted Iftar; an evening meal in which members of the Muslim community break their fast at the time of sunset during the holy month of Ramadan. The community based fast breaking dinner was held at Dr. Wilbert McIntyre Park with many in attendance, including numerous members of the Turkish community and public. These community-based dinners are organized to encourage friendly relations with different people who believe in the same values, promoting a since of inclusion and cross-culturalism. IDI Edmonton is hosting Iftar, twice a week throughout the month, which are open to the public.

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Ramadan Friendship Dinner- July 22 2014

On July 22 2014 IDI had the honor of hosting an Intercultural Ramadan Friendship Dinner at the Alberta Legislative Grounds. Honorary guests included MLA Moe Amery, MLA Janice Sarich, MLA Steve Young and MLA Rod Fox, along with many other distinguished guests and members of the public. Our event began with opening speech from each of our honorary guests and Chaplin Ryan Carter of the Canadian Armed Forces.
Throughout the evening exchanges of thoughts, opinions and ideas cultivated conversations amongst those of varying cultures, beliefs and values. Amongst these conversations, Janice notes that events such as these are joyful and very important. That they bring people of different backgrounds and experiences together who otherwise may have not had the opportunity to meet. This being her first time at a Ramadan Friendship Dinner, she was honored to have been invited and states that the Legislative Grounds are for the people; that what her and her colleagues do is for all the people of Edmonton, and hosting these events on the Legislative Grounds is bringing these people together.
Having previously attended IDI events; Steve Young feels that hosting an event at the Legislative Grounds is a great gathering location. Steve believes that these events and conversations bring people together. The focus is on togetherness and cohesiveness; we learn and teach each other without forgetting a group’s individual beliefs and values.

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