Annual Dialogue & Friendship Dinners are organized to contribute to the progress of intercultural-interfaith dialogue and peace. With the participation of esteemed guests and people from different faiths, cultures, and ethnicities, these gatherings have come to symbolize our desire to achieve a genuine cross-cultural understanding and cooperation.

IDI hosts the Dialogue & Friendship Dinners in many cities, including Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Kitchener, London, Hamilton, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver.  Since 2004, each of these dinners has served approximately 200 attendees; who come from all walks of life; including the members of the government, members of parliament; ambassadors, bureaucrats, business people, media members, professors, as well as religious and community leaders.

Speakers convey the message that people could be very diverse, but should be accepting of other cultures. Speakers reflect on the importance of intercultural-interfaith dialogue in forming a global agenda of love, peace, cooperation, and compassion.

Some of our distinguished guests include:

•    Mr. Thomas Lukaszuk, Deputy Premier, MLA for Edmonton-Castledowns,
•    Mrs. Janice Sarich,MLA for Edmonton-Decore,
•    Mr. David Xiao, MLA for Edmonton McClung.
•    Mrs. Pearl Calahasen, MLA for Lesser Slave Lake
•    Lt. Col. (Hon.) Solomon J Rolingher, C.St. J., Q.C, Partner Duncan&Craig LLP,
•    Sgt. Tim Taniguchi, Media Relations Officer, R.C.M.P,
•    Sgt. Major Gene Maeda, Community Policing – K Division, R.C.M.P,
•    Mr. Thomas Bradley, Chief of Staff for the Minister of Alberta Education
•    CWO Robert Murphy, Canadian Forces Base Edmonton
•    Rev. Jim Lochhead, Minister, McClure United Church
•    David J. Goa, Part-time Instructor (Religion); Director, Ronning Centre
•    Dr Earle Waugh, Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine Co-Director,University of Alberta
•    Dr William Street, Professor Associate Dean of Arts, University of Alberta
•    Dr. Anna Street, Professor of French, Concordia University of College of Alberta


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Friendship Dinner 2014

IDI Edmonton in partnership with United Way Edmonton hosted the 2014 annual Friendship dinner. With many in attendance including, Premier Alison Redford and Former Mayor Stephen Mandel the event was an overwhelming successes. Stephan Mandel gave a key note speech on Responsible Citizenship and Social Cohesion which was the topic of the night. Both Elizabeth O’Neill, Executive Director of Big Brothers Big Sisters Boys and Girls Club and Kyle Dubé Executive Director of YouCan Edmonton were recipients of the Excellence in Community Service award.


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